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Foodrecipe comprises of three people: Suman Samajpati, Sourav Roy Chowdhury and Subhrojyoti Mukherjee hailing from Bengal, India. Suman is an artist and a graphic designer and well, a hobby chef! while Sourav is an artist. Subhrojyoti is a student of English Literature.

In many years of knowing each other, food has always been a common ground we’ve bonded over among other things. We have always been ardent food enthusiasts; people bound by the pursuit of new tastes and flavours, taking as much pleasure in the process of cooking as in what is cooked; the pursuit of which occupies a great portion of our lives. Not only do we take great pleasure in cooking but we also embark on regular food-trips, meet professional chefs as well as take cooking tips from local chefs, throw a weekend party to see how a recipe goes down with friends and being together in all this allows us to have what perhaps goes best with food: the company of people.

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