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watermelon smoothie

Pink Watermelon Smoothie

Recipe: Amrita Banerjee, Photography: Saugata Banerjee

watermelon smoothie
Pink Watermelon Smoothie

How about diving into a juicy, cool watermelon this summer guys? Great as an appetizer, drink or dessert, watermelon is sure to please. You’ll be astonished to know its health benefits. Loaded with vitamins A, B6 and C make it an important immune booster, night blindness preventer and so on. It was a Saturday and we all were sitting in the verandah and fishing out ways to quench our thirst with a refreshing watermelon drink. Finally baba bought a huge watermelon. The color of it was captivating and appetizing!!! Now it was time to add some expertise to a much awaited drink. We named the juice recipe Pink Watermelon Smoothie.

To begin with,

watermelon smoothie

Serves: 3-4 glasses
Preparation Time: 5-7 minutes

1 Crimson coloured watermelon
1 ltr Milk
100gms Sugar
4 Green cardamom
Ice cubes


Chop the watermelon. Remove the seeds.

In a blender add chopped watermelon and blend well.

Refrigerate it.

Take milk in a saucepan and boil it by continuous stirring.

When the milk is about to boil crush green cardamom cloves and put in the hot milk.

Then add sugar to the milk and continue stirring.

Now, boil the milk till it becomes creamy.

When the milk becomes creamy, let it cool in room temperature, and then refrigerate it.

After half an hour, blend the milk and watermelon juice in a mixer.

Serve it with ice.

Now close your eyes and relish the pinky cool drink!!!


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Amrita and Saugata Banerjee, are a husband and wife duo whose common passion run into the world of food exploration. Amrita is a Special Educator by profession and a foodie by passion. Her cooking call came with her marriage two years back and she hasn’t stopped since. Saugata is a ‘Dream Chaser’ and an amazing photographer by profession. Cooking and experimenting with vegetables has become his hobby as well.

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