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chanterelle-Tamara de laval - Chanterelle toast

Chanterelle Toast Simple

Article: Tamara De Laval Photography: Tamara De Laval

chanterelle-Tamara de laval - Chanterelle toast

2 Mushroom Recipes:

Recipe 1:

Ingredients : champignons, red onion, green spring onions, garlic, sour cream, chili, japanese soya. Black pepper, herbal salt

Fry the champignons ( or yellow chanterelles if available ) in butter quite slow and long time until they have a almost crispy surface and then add finely chopped red onion and green spring onion and chili pieces or chili flakes to fry until nice . Then i add sour cream and japanese soya and herbal salt ( or black salt ) until it tastes good . Serve with raw rice , black rice or whichever rice you prefer.

You can also add fried haloumi cheese or maybe panir, fried quickly on hot temperature in olive oil


Recipe 2:

just fry the chanterelles in butter quickly
toast a bread, put the fried chanterelles on the toast
its typical swedish fast food


Tamara De Laval:  An artist based in Sweden. who likes to travel and enjoy trying new kind of foods and to learn how to cook the new dishes. she mostly improvise when she cooks and impatient to follow recipes and try out by intuition with spices and ingredients.




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