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Sheer Khurma

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The first time I had Sheer Khurma was at my friend Rabiya’s place during Eid. The memory of that evening was imprinted in my mind not just because it was my first Eid invitation but also because of her warm hospitality, which was reinforced with her Sheer Khurma.

Literally it means “milk in dates”. But it has vermicelli, raisins and assorted nuts too. Rabiya’s Sheer Khurma was different all because of a secret and unusual ingredient that she added and that secret was a little bit of diluted poppy seed paste. It uplifted the taste and left a mark in the guests’ minds always.

Here’s to Rabiya and her happiness as I share with you the recipe for the best Sheer Khurma that I’ve ever had.


Very fine roasted vermicelli (rumali sewai)
Milk (preferably full fat)
Dates (de-seeded)
Cashew nuts
Poppy seed paste
Ghee (clarified butter)


Blanch the pistachios and almonds.
Peel them.
Crush the cashew nuts coarsely.
Slice the pistachios, almonds and the dates.
Lightly roast the nuts, pistachios, raisins and dates in ghee.
Add vermicelli in the nut mixture and lightly roast and keep aside.
If the vermicelli is not pre roasted then first roast them in ghee to get the golden brown colour and then add the nuts, raisins and dates.
Heat milk and bring to boil.
Put the pan with the vermicelli back on fire and add enough milk to cover them all.
Simmer it until the vermicelli is cooked and add sugar.
Once it’s dissolved, add the diluted poppy seed paste.
Let it simmer for few minutes.
Keep it dilute as it tends to thicken on cooling.
Serve hot or chilled as preferred.


Arunita Datta is a teacher by profession with an avid interest in culinary culture of any place under the sun. Cooking and chronicling her efforts and experiences have been one of the most favourite hobbies of her. She loves to collect recipes and tries them out periodically. Good old “adda” sessions with home cooked food is her all time favourite.

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