Sunday , 19 May 2024
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Share with us

One of the best things about food is sharing. Be it with your friends over a cup of coffee, your neighbor for thanksgiving, with your office colleagues in the canteen or on a dinner date with your girlfriend/boyfriend-to-be. It is an essential quality of food, the way it binds us with different people in the very mundane acts of our daily lives like going to the grocery shop every Saturday or Sunday or buying spices for your kitchen from the same store or just simply going out for a dinner to your favorite restaurant with your family every weekend. We often don’t realize how important a role food plays in our personal and social lives. Even as we go to new places, it is perhaps the food and the people we meet that make the experience complete and memorable. We intend to explore here anything that connects one with food, it could be literally about anything: a food-trip that you made sometime ago; a taste that reminds you of something; a street vendor you buy something from; a place you like going back to for the delicious snacks that you get there or a local tea stall/café you take a stroll to every evening.

We eagerly expect your participation!

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