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Risotto a la Buttercup

Article: Tamara De Laval Photography: Tamara De Laval


Boil Rice or Risotto Rice
Peel a Buttercup Pumpkin, cut into squares
cut some Champignons into smaller pieces
cut red onion into small pieces

fry all in butter and add salt pepper and if you want any other spices that suit this dish
when the rice is ready pour all together with the vegetables and champignons in a pot ( i use a mud pot which give better taste i think to the dish) and stir around for a little while ( but see to it that the buttercups are still a bit hard and crispy too chew ) and add some apple vinegar (or other white vinegar ) to the dish, then you can eat it


Tamara De Laval: An artist based in Sweden. who likes to travel and enjoy trying new kind of foods and to learn how to cook the new dishes. she mostly improvise when she cooks and impatient to follow recipes and try out by intuition with spices and ingredients.




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