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Mustard greens with Dry Prawn


Recipe serving: 4
Cook time: 20 minute

½ Kg Mustard greens
50 grams Dry Prawn
5 teaspoon Mustard oil
Pinch of ground coriander seed
3 Dry Chili
Salt t taste


Chop the mustard greens and keep aside. Soak the dry prawn in water for 20 minutes and wash it for several times.

In a wok, heat 2 teaspoon oil and put the dry prawn, add a pinch of salt and ground coriander seed. Fry it for 4-5 minutes and keep it aside in a separate bowl.

Heat 2 teaspoon oil in the wok and fry the dry chilis first and add the mustard greens then. Fry it for 4 minutes, add the fried dry prawn and stir well so that it is mixed well. Cover the wok. Cook for more 6 minutes until the water secreted by the leaves has dried.

Serve it with hot plain rice.

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  1. The recipe looks great and the preparation seems easy too. I’ll try it out sometime.

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