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aam dal

Aam Dal (Mango Lentil Soup)

aam dal
Aam Dal

Lentil, in general, is a staple dish in every household, consumed almost throughout the year not only in West Bengal but also in most parts of India and South Asia. Using green mangoes to add a refreshing flavour to it is just the thing one needs in the searing heat of the summer. Aam Dal, or Mango Lentil Soup, is a staple dish in West Bengal in the summertime, especially savoured for its sourish flavour which is highly refreshing in the terribly hot and humid climate. Part of its huge popularity depends on the high availability of mangoes in this region. Although there’s no rule that you’ve to make it with Red Lentils only, I’ve used Red Lentils because it’s light and goes well with the tangy flavour of the green mangoes. Here’s the recipe:

100gm Red Lentils
1 Green Mango
¼ teaspoon turmeric
1teaspoon Sugar
½ teaspoon Mastered Seed
2 Dry Chills
2 teaspoon Mastered oil
Salt as per taste
700ml Water


Cut the mango into 1 inch per piece and keep aside.

Boil the lentil in 300ml water in a wok, add salt, a pinch of turmeric, and toss the pieces of mango into it. Then add 400ml water.

Let it boil for 10mins more.

Pour the boiled lentil into another bowl.

Heat oil in the wok and fry mustard seeds and dry chilies for ½ a minute.

Pour the lentil into the wok. Add sugar depending on how you want (you can make it sweet-and-sour by adding sugar or keep it sour if you like it better). Stir and add salt, if required. Your Mango Lentil Soup is ready to serve.

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