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Green Mango Chutney

green mango chutney
Green Mango Chutney

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’d seen me talking at length before about how summertime is all about mangoes, all kinds of mangoes: ripe-unripe, Chausa, Himsagar, Alphonse; used in all sorts of dishes in all sorts of ways- well, not literally, you know- be it Dal (lentils), pickles, chutneys, curries, drinks, desserts…the point being, summertime means MANGOES here in Bengal as well as in India. Today, however, I’m going to tell you about a very special thing﹘, that is, green mango chutney if you’re very particular about names﹘ of this very special season of mangoes, which you’ve already come to know. But before I do so, let me tell you that some of us consider this special thing to be indispensable during the summers and frankly, I’m one of those. So, brace yourselves!

Now, to make this special thing, first, you’ll have to find the best unripe or green mangoes from the market. Actually, not necessarily. You can also make it with the mangoes that grow in your garden, which a lot of people who have mangoes growing in their garden happily do, just make sure that the flesh is tight and it’s not plucked too early and it’s fresh. At the stage I’m describing, it should be a perfect, spotless green. After you’ve got the perfect mango, you’d need to take care of a few other things before you can start your operation, which I must tell you right away for your own good. Just make sure you have the following things within hand’s reach (and then you’re ready): turmeric powder, teaspoon fennel seed powder, sugar, dry chilies, mustard oil, salt and water.

Got them? Done. Here’s how to go about the operation: peel the perfect mango and cut it into not-so small pieces. Reseed it. Keep aside. Heat two tablespoon of mustard oil in a wok, temper it with dry chilies, toss the sliced mangoes into it. Add one teaspoon fennel seed powder and a pinch of turmeric powder, sauté for a minute and then, add water. Boil it for a good ten minutes, add sugar and salt. Boil it for two-three minutes more. Put out the flame and let it cool down. End of first half.

Now, we move on to the second half, which is optional and, as I reckon, invariably easier than the first. After keeping it at room temperature for 30-40 minutes, you can refrigerate it for 30 minutes if you’d like to have it cold and it’s ready to serve (well, what did I tell you?). Enjoy the refreshing, sweet and tangy Green Mango Chutney after your lunch. End of second half.

Over and out.

1 Green Mango (Cut into 1 inch piece)
¼ teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon fennel seed powder
100 gm Sugar
2 Dry Chills
2 teaspoon Mustard oil
Salt as per taste
300 ml. Water



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