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Apple Pudding

Apple Pudding

Apple Pudding
Apple Pudding

A recipe that has been followed from a very long time. It’s just a simple and easy “Apple pudding” recipe. When you are in a hurry and have only few ingredients at home, you will have to give this dessert a try.

Mix apple and cinnamon powder and microwave it. If you don’t have a microwave you can cook it on the stove top, but make sure you don’t overcook it. Beat the ingredients together, for this first take the sugar and butter (115 gm) add some salt, flour, baking powder, finally add some warm milk, and beat it well. (This batter should not be too thick). Drop the apples into the batter. Preheat the oven to about 180 degrees (15 minutes). Bake the batter in the oven for 20 minutes until a golden frost is formed on the top.

Delicious, warm apple pudding is ready to serve.

Serve it either hot or cold. It is good plain but better with milk, cream, whipped cream or lemon sauce.


Apple Pudding
Apple Pudding

Apple – 2 cup into small pieces
Cinnamon powder – 2 tsp
Baking powder – 2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup
Butter – 1/2 cup
Flour – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Salt a pinch

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