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Pomegranate Raita

pomegranate raita
Pomegranate Raita

Pomegranate raita is a pleasant fruity raita. Like all the other raita recipes, this pomegranate raita too is very simple and easy to prepare. Fresh pomegranate arils in a creamy sweet spiced yogurt base in a raita, it is as good as a sweet dessert. This pomegranate raita is so good that you can have it plain. you can also serve it as a side dish with a veg biryani, veg pulao, yakhni pulao, saffron rice or even jeera rice. Pomegranate raita even goes well with indian chaat snacks like aloo tikki chole, papdi chaat, ragda patties and dahi sev batata puri. So next time, you want to make some raita, just don’t go for cucumber or onion raita, try out Pomegranate too.

1 cup Pomegranate
1/2 thinly Sliced Green Chilli
A few Coariander Leaves
A few Mint Leaves
Salt to Taste


In a bowl, add yogurt and whisk it slightly. Add a little salt, onions, green chili, cucumber, and pomegranate and mix it well. Then, add coriander leaves and some fresh mint leaves.

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